December 2018

Fascinating And Amazing Facts About The Human Body

The complete structure of a human body mainly comprises a head, neck, chest, trunk, abdomen, arms, and the limbs. Along with these parts, there are numerous different types of cells, tissues and other biological systems that are mainly involved in different types of specific functions essential for everyday living. Human anatomy and physiology is the science, which mainly deals with the complete study of the structure and functions of every organ of the human body. There are countless amazing facts about our body which we are not aware of.  Listed below are few of them.

Fascinating and Amazing Facts about the Human Body

  • Both the respiratory system and circulatory system are involved in circulating blood and the oxygen gas throughout the body.
  • The human brain has pain receptors, hence it cannot feel any pain.
  • Blood is 6 times thicker than water and each drop of blood contains about 250 million