Are You an Average Student? Here is a Guide for you to Clear IES Exam

This is a very common notion that a weak candidate cannot clear any competitive exam. This is very wrong because everybody has different potential and the understanding capacity of different people is different. The grasping power of people is different, so it is wrong to say that the weak candidate can not clear IES exam.

If the candidate has the willpower and determination, he can clear and might as well top the test too. Everything depends upon the student’s positive thought procedure.

There are times when the candidate might need some external factor to motivate him but does not find. In such cases, he can read motivational books, look out for motivational videos or hear motivational speeches. Listening, reading and hearing such things make the candidate realize all the things he earlier thought as impossible were actually possible.

All he is required to do is just believe in his potential and have faith in himself. And then the journey of his success would begin.

The important points that are required in a candidate for clearing his IES exam are speed for solving the questions, quick reflexives, enough practice of writing and revision of the different derivations and the formulae.

Points for Average candidate to clear IES exam

Everyone can clear any exam if they have faith in their potential. The students should not pay heed to the people who say that weak and average students cannot clear the India Engineering Examination.

Well, this blog can help all those average students clear the exam and achieve success in a career they always desired to.

Following are the 10 points which should be kept in mind when the candidate prepares for his IES exam.

  1. Syllabus


The candidate should know the syllabus of the test. You should not lose hope just by seeing the syllabus and topics to be covered for the test. You should start from the scratch and begin preparing for the test.


  1. Spot weak portions


You should identify the weak areas. Once you have identified the weak areas, then you should start working on those areas. It is better to start working on the weak areas from the beginning itself and make them a strength rather than letting them be a weakness that might haunt the candidate throughout.


  1. Time management


While practicing at home, the candidate should set time limits for himself for solving the questions. This will help him in increasing his speed for solving the questions and also know the questions which take time to solve. This would help the candidate to identify the questions that take time and on which he still needs to work upon.


  1. Knowledge


The candidate should have adequate knowledge about his engineering streams. It can be, electrical engineering, civil engineering, mechanical engineering and electronics and telecommunication engineering.


  1. Improve General Science


The candidate should make his general knowledge strong to clear his initial stage of IES exam. For that, candidates should be periodically updated on various current events and general science related topics to get good score in general mental ability section in IES Prelims exam.


  1. Level of the questions


The candidate should know the level of the questions which would come in the test. He should know the number of difficult questions, easy and moderate questions so he prepares according to those questions only.


  1. The factor of time


While solving the questions, the candidate should set time limit while solving the questions. This would help in recording the time take by the candidate to solve the easy, moderate and the difficult questions. This makes the candidate increase his speed for solving the questions.


  1. Proper revision


While starting to prepare for the IES test, the candidate should study in depth and make his own notes so that while doing the final revision.  These notes should be detailed enough to serve the purpose of the books.


  1. Previous questions


While starting to prepare, the candidate should look at the previous year questions to have a rough estimate of the type of questions that have previously come in the test. By doing this, you can focus on the main portion and read the other part of the syllabus.


  1. Say bye to fear


To clear such exams, the candidate has to bid goodbye to his fear. Fear is one of the major factors which demotivate the candidate while the candidate thinks of appearing in the test. So the first step basically is to say bye to the fear of various things which is already settled in the mind of the candidate.

All these points when kept in mind can help any average candidate to clear the IES test and have the career he always dreamt of.

All the best!