All You Need To Know About Rugby

It is a type of football which is quite popular all around the world it is mostly played in UK, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, France, Ireland, and South Africa, The Pacific Islands, USA and many other countries. The formal name of the game is Worlds’ Premier Oval ball, but usually, it is just named and known as rugby.

History of Rugby:

History of the game goes back to 19th century when it was named after Rugby School, the school in England from where it started. It was invented from various football games played long before 19th century.

Football has been the most popular game in England, and various versions of football were being played at Rugby School for 200 years before some people gave it a proper name. The first international game was played on 8th December 1870, at Raeburn Place.

Types of Rugby:

Although Rugby itself is a type of Football but due to the separation of rugby football in 1895, the two forms of rugby were formed named as:
1.  Rugby league

  1. Rugby union

Earlier both differed only in administration but later on, the rules were modified and the result of it was distinctly different.
The separation occurred due to the disagreement about how the players were treated during the game.

Rugby Union:

Rugby union is the most popular form of rugby and also is the National game of many countries.
Since the 1895 separation, as new laws were made, Rugby Union got more popularity after the separation
Rugby League:

Rugby league is quite famous in England, Australia, France and much more countries.
The first rugby league World Cup was held in France in 1954 governed by the Rugby League International Federation.

How to play Rugby:

Rugby rules:

  • The rules were defined by the World Rugby and they dictate how the game should be played and are enforced by the referee during the match.
  • The game is played between two teams containing 15 players on the pitch with at least seven or eight substitutes.
  • The objective is to score more points than another team to win it
  • Five points are given to the team when they ground the ball in opposition’s in-goal
  • A conversion kick is attempted by either team, if successful; it gives two extra points to the team.
  • Penalties are also being awarded due to major foul play, and a team can gain three points from a penalty
  • The game is played on a Grass field approximately 70 meters into 100 meters.
  • Duration is eighty minutes which is divided into two forty minutes halves
    Game structures:
    Rugby starts at the beginning of each half, and a score has been made by kick off.
  • The kicking team takes a dropping kick at halfway line to begin the play.
  • The opposition tries to stop the player from tackling him.
  • The ball cannot travel forward once it touches any player’s hand or arm

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