Hug Day Gifts That You Can Think Of Giving To Your Girlfriend

Here comes the time of year again. Valentine’s Day has already started and here comes the hug day which is very special. All the days are special with your girl in Valentine’s week. You have already gifted your girl some of the pieces on other days but now you are confused what to give for hug day gifts. Read on to find out.

Favourite flowers

Girls love receiving flowers especially their favorite one. There’s every old-fashioned about it and it is also the best idea. Some of the relationships that have recently started; the girl would love to get the flowers from their boyfriend because she’ll be getting for the first time and what’s better than her favorite flowers.


If you have already spent years of Valentine’s Day together, go ahead and gift her jewellery. It is not necessary to gift her diamond but you can go for the piece that has some meaningful message in it. A bracelet or necklace would be nice to gift her on hug day.

A visit to her place

If you people are living in different cities, nothing will make her happier than the visit from you. She would love to spend that entire day with you.

Her favorite piece of clothing

While it comes to fashion, girls can go on one particular clothing or accessory. It could be anything like bracelet, shoes, shirts or scarfs. Think wisely and buy for her. She’ll totally love it.



A bottle lamp

You can think of buying a personalized bottle lamp, make it customized and gift this as a hug day present to her. She’ll like how you thought of doing it by yourself. Instead of just buying anything, you thought of customizing it.

Cook for her

No doubt, food is a way to the heart. You are not a professional chef but you can find the recipe online and cook for her. How does it matter if the chicken is burnt or pasta sauce is bad? It is the thought that matters. She’ll definitely be grateful to you.

Thoughtful Card

This is one of the simple hug day gifts but this will be loved by your girlfriend. Make her mood nice by making a funny card or you can also make the card that has sentiments in it. She’ll love the thought that you took time to write about your feelings on a card.

A romantic date

Taking her to the restaurant is so normal and out-dated. Do something adventurous and surprise her with a date that she never thought of coming. Go for a long drive, spend the night at the beach or go for the romantic movie and dinner at home.

Her favorite perfume

Ever thought how your girlfriend always smells good? It is because she loves the scent and also you can’t get enough of the perfume.

Personalized bottle lamp, flowers or scents, make her hug day special by gifting something that she would love.