Safety in School

It’s not a comfortable subject for many adults, but the fact of the matter is that sex education in schools is the best way to prevent both unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted disease (STD) in youth. Indeed, according to the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States (SIECUS) a full 93 percent of adults are in support of sexuality education at the high school level and 80 percent of secondary school student parents agree.

Although schools may play the major role is teaching kids the details, it’s a good idea to share with parents as well. The main reason is that although you can teach teens they should use protection they still need to access that same protection. One good way to facilitate this is to provide to parents as well as their teens apps such as Groupon so they can download the Glyde coupon and be able to purchase condoms privately.

Glyde America manufactures premium non-toxic condoms, and the superior quality means less worry about unwanted pregnancies and STD’s for both partners. They offer a Find Your Fit Sizing Sample Pack too, so teens won’t have to face the embarrassment of figuring out what size to purchase. Carrying cases and other accessories are also available so your teen can shop with confidence and privacy.

By encouraging both parents and teens to utilize both the app and the Glyde coupon educators can take one more step in helping students learn about the responsibility of practicing safe sex each and every time. By letting them explore the website and make their purchases privately they will take a big step towards adulthood.

Although sex education is the instruction in various sociological, physiological, and psychological aspects of both reproduction and sexual response, for the teens being taught it can be a fragile path to put what they learn into practice. Studies have shown no correlation between discussing specific methods of birth control and increased experimentation in intercourse, so it makes sense to include prevention details while educating. Making the Glyde coupon available makes sense because it allows teens to understand exactly what they need to do to prevent STDs and pregnancies.