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One of the most popular cue sports, snooker, is a game that is played using cues on a table that is covered with a green baize or cloth. A cue ball also called white ball is used to pocket other balls in the six pockets of the table.


It is said that the sport was invented by British Army officers in India for the very first time in the 19th century. It is considered to be a game of rich people and Commonwealth countries. The addition of coloured balls was suggested in the late 19th century

The premier tournament named as World Snooker Championship was held in England in 1927

The word “Snooker”:

Just like the game, snooker word also has military origins. The term was mainly used for first-year cadets and the personnel who are inexperienced.

Equipment used in the sport:


  • Table:


The table is a full sized rectangular table, of around 12 into 6 ft in size. It constitutes slate base that is covered in green cloth or baize. It has four pockets present at the corner and 2 present in the middle of the long sides of the table.


  • Snooker balls:


There is usually one cue or white ball and 22 snooker balls that include fifteen red balls and six different coloured balls. Each coloured ball has different points:

2 points for yellow ball

3 points for green ball

4 points for brown ball

5 points for blue ball

6 points for pink ball

7 points for black ball

The game has not become a part of Olympics yet and has only got IOC recognition yet. However, bidding is being made to include the game in 2020 Olympics.

Rules of Snooker:

The rules were first defined and finalised by Neville Chamberlain in 1884. It can be played individually or among teams.

  • At the beginning of the games, the balls are arranged where triangular packs of red balls are made not touching any coloured ball. The coloured balls are placed on their specified spots.
  • The objective of the game revolves around putting the balls. The players use cue ball or white ball to execute shots for hitting the red ball or coloured balls and pot these in any of the pockets to score points.
  • After all the arrangements, a break off shot is made. Each player makes shot turn by turn.
  • A match consists of an odd and fixed number of frames. End of the frame takes place when all the balls are potted, or the opponent is far behind in the score.
    The player who has won a majority of frames is considered to be the winner at the end of the match.
  • The game mainly consists of two phases: in the first phase red balls are on the table and each player has to strike red balls first followed by coloured. After the red balls end, coloured balls are potted in ascending orders.

There are many other rules of snooker, which if not followed, is referred to as a foul shot or action.

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